Mission Statement

Using pilates techniques to build strength and increase mobility, our mission is to create a platform that is accessible for all.  Pilates CORE will support you through your journey to making a positive change and focus on your wellbeing.

Let’s target that CORE!


“Tough times never last, but tough people do…”

Robert Schuller

I am Kimberley Karlsson – The founder of Pilates CORE. In 2014, I had spine surgery after having my first child. My existence was daily pain killers and not being able to lift and carry my newborn without immense pain. Returning to work as a teacher of performing arts and dance was practically impossible. Back surgery enabled me to walk again, but with restrictions on my flexibility and physical activity – it was safe to say goodbye to my career in teaching dance. I moved on to teaching primary KS2, but couldn’t deny my passion for pilates and the stress my current job was giving me… So here I am, doing what I love and sharing my knowledge to help others.

Pilates has been a huge part of my rehabilitation, served me well through having my second child and today, I am pain free and fitter than ever.


Never miss a class – all classes recorded for monthly members to view when they wish!

Online classes via Zoom:

Class (Online)DetailsTime
ClassicMonday (30 mins)8pm
Sculpt & ToneTuesday (30 mins)8pm
Chair-BasedThursday (30 mins)11am
On DemandAccess all recorded classes
to do in your own time.
All day!
1-on-1Email for enquries – limited availability
Please wear comfortable clothing and have a drink of water ready. When online, we ask all participants to have the host on speaker view and minimise gallery. If you prefer, you may have your camera off but it would be lovely to see you and give feedback. PilatesCOREuk are fully insured, however by taking part you accept liability – listen to your body and do not work through pain. By taking part, you acceept liability.
Class (In person) DetailsTime
Mat Pilates (Back Rehab)English Martyrs Church Hornchurch
Mat Pilates (Back Rehab) English Martyrs Church Hornchurch
Mat Pilates (Back Rehab) Cranham Community Centre
Mat Pilates (Back Rehab)Cranham Community Centre
Chair-Based PilatesCranham Community Centre
Mat Pilates (Back Rehab)Cranham Community Centre
Mat Pilates (Back Rehab)New Heights Fitness Upminster
1-on-1Email for enquries – limited availability
All classes are 45 mins. Please wear comfortable clothing and have a drink of water ready. Booking in advance is recommeded as class sizes are limited.


Click on the Pilates CORE store in the menu to book classes.

Classic classes:

Mat based, mainly on the floor using classical Joseph Pilates techniques. Great for a low impact work out to start or end your day right. Adaptations and options given for different abilities. Ideal for those with back and orthopaedic conditions.


Chair based pilates for a fun and engaging, low impact exercise programme. Please let us know if you have any serious medical conditions, you may require a 1:1 session. It is important you work within your means and only do what you feel comfortable doing.

Sculpt & Tone:

Be prepared to sweat! This class will test your strength and make your body work through the fat burn zone. Suited to those who already have a good level of fitness. Weekend and late evening classes for busy midweeks.

Mat Pilates (Back Rehab)

A 6 week course specifically tailored for those with back issues and stiffness. This course will strengthen your core and help you protect your lower back. Bring your own mat and come and learn how to move safely. PAYG option available on the day if the course is not fully booked. Wednesday 8.15pm at Cranham – Open class suitable for all abilities.

On-Demand Platform

Can’t make class times? Not to worry – PilatesCOREuk has it’s very own ‘On-Demand’ platform where you can access a range of recorded classes online. This is available as part of the WFH Coporate package, School Packages and Monthly online pass. Here is a sample: https://vimeo.com/461837619

1:1 and Small Group (in person and online):

Email to book: pilatescoreuk@gmail.com



Email: pilatescoreuk@gmail.com

Phone: 07730409298